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Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Beware of fake Java updates

And of course, attackers will take advantage of that ignorance. Beware of fake Java updates - new malware is posing as a Java update to fix recent vulnerabilities.

Monday, 21 January 2013

Java - Obscured Security for Home Users

For cyber security people (securitists?) there has been a lot of discussion about whether Java should be disabled for security reasons. I think that many non-expert home users have no idea what Java is, whether they use it regularly, or whether they even have it. Discussing security in this way does not help those users who really need it. The relation who asked me what a reboot was is not going to appreciate Java. Basically it's a system that allows a website to run software on your machine. Usually that's a bad idea, because if something or someone can run software on your machine they can do pretty much what they like. In fact it is the goal of a lot of hacking attempts. But Java is designed to resist this, and is constrained as to what it can do to your computer. Except however when a flaw is found and isn't fixed quickly. If you want to how to disable it in your browser (probably the biggest risk) - try this link to the Sophos website.